About Us


Consumers today are more driven than ever to enjoy products that satisfy their broader needs. In a world where leading a healthy lifestyle has become a status as much as a need, consumers are attracted to products that allow for all the joy and none of the guilt.

XYLITOL UK is a London-based primary source importer and distributor of the purest form of XYLITOL available today. XYLITOL UK leads the way as an award winning company with a full range of great products and true customer service. 

The perfect alternative to sugar, our XYLITOL looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, and is actually proven to be pro-actively healthy. Avoiding current with other corn or fruit based XYLITOL, our range uses ONLY the finest form available today; made from naturally occurring Birch tree extract from Finland.

Rather than see xylitol products hover between either the standard ‘best sugar alternative’ or ‘healthier guilt-free snacks’ categories, XYLITOL UK proudly presents you with a range of that declares: LIFE IS SWEET - because it is, for everyone. Offered in its purest form for home use or for food production, XYLITOL UK has also introduced a range of delicious jams, luxury dark chocolates in several flavours, tomato dressing and honey.

Welcome to our home on the web. Please look through the site to learn about XYLITOL and to see how your company can benefit from working with us to promote healthier and sweeter living.