Roasted Almonds with Xylitol & cinnamon

Roasted Almonds with Xylitol & cinnamon


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    Xylitol has all the sweetness of common sugars yet 40% fewer calories. Proven to fight cavities, safe for diabetics, excellent in weight management, with a low GI, it is an ideal alternative for anyone who prefers a healthier life-style.

    Can be used in cakes, sponges, cereals, over fruit or in your favourite dish in equal amounts as regular sugar

    - Tastes delicious.
    - 40% less calories than sugar.
    - GI of only 7 (whereas sugar is 100).
    - Proven to benefit dental health.
    - Suitable for Diabetics.
    - 75% less carbs than sugar (0% net available carbs).
    - No bitter aftertaste.
    - Not suitable for pets.

    Nutrition Information           Per 100g
    Energy:                                 582 kcal, 2436kj
    Protein:                                 18.6g
    Carbohydrate:                     28.3g
    of which sugars                   4.05g
    of which polyols                  8.95g
    Fat:                                        48.2g
    of which saturates              3.08g
    Fibre:                                    0g
    Sodium:                               0.47g

    Almonds, Xylitol, Cinnamon, Himalayan salt, Spices.

    For Food use only.

    keep in a cool dry place.


    Excessive consumption may produce laxative effect.