What is Xylitol

Xylitol is a sweetener that is 100% natural and generally produced from birch.  This low calorie sweetener looks and tastes sugar without any of the latter's side effects.  Containing just 2.4 kilocalories (kcal) per gram, Xylitol has 33% fewer calories than sugar.

Studies have asserted that Xylitol is beneficial in:

  • preventing tooth decay
  • maintaining gut function
  • weight management
  • increasing bone density
  • inhibiting germs
  • stabilizing sugar levels

This wonder food was discovered in the late 19th century by both German and French chemists and was first promoted as a safe sweetener for people with diabetes.  It's health benefits were quickly realized.

All of the sweetness, none of the fat

Obesity is rising at an alarming rate, and sugar remains chief culprit.  In fact, sugar stands accused of causing Type 2 diabetes, stroke, as well as clinical depression, amongst a host of other serious illnesses.  In an ideal world sugar would be barred from our tables, alas its sweet appeal is too alluring.  Don't we all need a bit of sweetness in our life?  Enter Xylitol.  With an incredible count of just 9 calories per teaspoon, Xylitol is a diet boon.  Now you can eat you sugar and keep you size.

Feed your sweet tooth

Sugar is your oral enemy.  It attacks the teeth and destroys the enamel and its repetitive strikes forms cavities in the dentines allowing decay to occur rapidly.  With Xylitol, not only are the attacks thwarted, they are actually reversed.  Xylitol forms a buffer against the acidic environment created by dental plaque and remineralises enamel before cavities can form.

The sweetness you crave, the health you need

Xylitol is absorbed gradually so that the body's blood sugar remains stabilized.  The minimal changes in insulin makes Xylitol appropriate for patients with diabetes who are desperately battling to control sugar in their diet. Xylitol is also known to relieve the symptoms of nasal and ear infections by preventing the bacteria from attaching itself to the tissue. Xylitol builds immunity, inhibits germs, and does no damage to the waistline.  Xylitol tastes great, no regrets.